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COVID research: PHOSP-COVID (UK and international study)

This link will take you to the Patient Information page of the Post-hospitalisation COVID-19 (PHOSP-COVID) study. As COVID-19 is a new disease, this study aims to identify whether there are longer-term health problems of COVID-19 for patients admitted to hospital.The study aims to understand: 

  • why some people experience more severe COVID-19 symptoms than others
  • why some people recover more quickly than others
  • why some patients develop other health problems later on
  • which treatments or interventions, received in hospital or afterwards, were helpful
  • how they can improve the care of patients after they have been discharged from hospital 

On this page, you'll find out more about what this study is about and what's involved e.g. information about you, your hospital and ICU care, and a range of tests.