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UK updates on COVID 19

Government and healthcare guidance will change as the coronavirus outbreak evolves.In this section, you'll find links to UK Government and Health Service websites, which are regularly updated. Please check the national guidance for England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales on the drop down menu, as these may differ over time. 


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Web Link: Wales: Government Updates on COVID-19 (in Welsh language)

This link will take you to the lastest updates on COVID-19 from the Welsh Government, written in the Welsh language.

Web Link: Wales: Shielding extremely vulnerable people (Welsh Government)

This link will take you to the Welsh Government's webpages on shielding vulnerable people due to COVID-19. Here, you'll find guidance and support on things like getting food, essential supplies and medicines, guidance for unpaid carers, and getting help from local authorities and voluntary groups.

Web Link: Wales: visiting hospitals during COVID-19

This link will take you to the Welsh Government's current guidance on visiting hospitals during COVID-19. Although the guidance provided is written for healthcare professionals, you should get a clear idea of what you should do, if you plan to visit a family member in hospital. Included is guidance on who can visit, handwashing and social distancing. **Please check with your local hospital, as guidance may change as the pandemic evolves.**

Web Link: Your COVID Recovery (NHS website)

This link will take you to Your COVID Recovery; an NHS website that includes really useful information about COVID-19 (including a section for ICU patients), advice on maintaining your physical and emotional well-being, coming home from hospital and the road to recovery (including going back to work).There are links throughout to useful websites and resources.