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Web Link: Blog from an ICU survivor (Louise)

This link will take you to Louise's blog site, which she regularly updates. Louise was admitted to the Intensive Care unit of Derriford Hospital, Plymouth in November, 2018. She spent 13 days in the Intensive Care Unit, due to a perforated oesophagus (gullet) and another 71 days in hospital before being discharged home to her family. Louise writes in a very authentic and compassionate way about her experiences of having ICU delirium (strange or distressing dreams or hallucinations) and...

External Video: Bob describes his long term recovery

In this short video, Bob (a former Intensive Care patient) talks about his recovery over the months and years since his accident. Video length: 06:53 (Watch now or tap the button to add this resource to your personal library)

External Video: Louise and her recovery from Swine flu

Video length: 22:33 (Watch now or tap the button above to add this resource to your personal library to watch later) In this video clip, Louise talks about her experiences of being critically ill with Swine flu. Five years on, she talks about the processes of getting better and getting on with her life. You can read interviews,listen to voice recordings and watch clips of other patients' experiences of Intensive Care by using the link to Healthtalkonline.

Web Link: Miles & his recovery from Avian Flu

In this brief clip, shown on ITV News during the COVID outbreak, Miles talks about his experiences of recovering from avian flu. He talks about the physical and emotional impact of Intensive Care, the impact on his family, and his determination to recover his life. He also talks about his work with ICUsteps, a patient-led charity, and how important it is that patients and families are aware of the support that's out there, from other people who've been in Intensive Care.

Web Link: Young peoples' experiences of ICU and recovery: a video

This link will take you to a webast from ICUsteps, the UK's leading ICU patient-led group. In this webast, Olivia talks about her experiences of having been admitted to Intensive Care multiple times, due to severe asthma. The panel includes Dr Kate Regan (an ICU Consultant), Dr Christina Jones (a former ICU nurse and post-ICU researcher) and Mo Peskett (an ICU follow-up Sister and Chair of ICUsteps). The panel discusses how we can best support younger people, and how we can learn from...