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The coronavirus outbreak has meant that many Intensive Care Units are much, much busier than usual. Many Intensive Care Units will have had to completely reorganise how they provide care, so that they can increase the number of beds available, and also provide separate Units for patients who do and don't have coronavirus. Some hospitals may have a number of small, separate ICUs in different areas of the hospital. 

All of this means that many more staff are needed. Many Units have had to bring in ("redeploy") staff from other areas who don't normally work in Intensive Care. These staff receive rapid training and support from Intensive Care staff, so that they can safely provide care. They will be carefully supervised by staff who normally work in Intensive Care. Click on one of the buttons to find out more about the staff who normally work in Intensive Care, and what they do.


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Web Link: ICU unwrapped: a website explaining what happens in ICU

This link will take you to the ICU Unwrapped website, developed by the Intensive Care team at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. The website aims to provide short, simple, non-technical explanations of what happens in Intensive Care. The website offers information and frequently asked questions on a huge range of ICU-related issues.

Web Link: Speech & Language Therapy (link to their official webpages on ICU)

This link will take you to the website of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists, and their web pages on Intensive or Critical Care. The language used can be a little formal and technical in places, but you might find their web pages useful.There are 6 pages in total, covering the following topics: How speech & language therapy can help in critical care What you can expect from speech & language therapy in critical care Some resources (links to short videos and...