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Web Link: Loneliness (NHS advice)

All of us can feel lonely sometimes, whether we have strong connections with family and friends or not. This link will take you to the NHS webpages on loneliness.On it, you'll find a wealth of information, advice and support on a range of other issues including anxiety, stress, depression, grief, etc. There are some simple self-assessment tools and guidance to help you understand how you're feeling right now, the things you can do to help yourself, the types of support that might...

Web Link: Loneliness in the pandemic (20 minute podcast)

This link will take you to a podcast on loneliness during the pandemic, from UK Government's Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. In it, you'll hear advice, top tips and stories from four people who have struggled with loneliness in recent months. It's around 20 minutes long. We hope you find it helpful.

Web Link: Loneliness: NHs and UK Government website

Many people have experienced loneliness during the pandemic. Loneliness can be particularly tough when recovering after a hospital stay due to COVID, especially while we might not be able to connect with family and friends, and access social support in the way that we normally would. This link will take you to the UK Government and NHS website, "Let's Talk Loneliness". On it, you'll find advice and tips on dealing with loneliness during the pandemic, organisations who can...