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External Document: Breathing exercises for breathlessness

This leaflet provides information about different breathing techniques that might help with feelings of breathlessness.

Web Link: Breathlessness: what it is and how to manage it

This link will take you to the British Lung Foundation website. There's some really useful information on how to manage breathlessness, including treatment, breathing exercises, staying active, etc. You can enter your postcode into their website to find support in your local area. We hope you find it helpful.

Web Link: Oxygen therapy

Some people will continue to need oxygen therapy when they're discharged home.This link will take you to the Your COVID Recovery website, and their information and advice on using oxygen at home. There's advice on the safety aspects of using oxygen, using a device to measure your oxygen levels (a pulse oximeter: a device that clips onto your finger and shines a red light through it, to measure your oxygen levels or "saturations"), when to contact a healthcare professional,...