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Web Link: Ireland: guidance for people vulnerable due to COVID-19 (Government of Northern Ireland)

This link will take you to the webpages of the Government in Northern Ireland, and their guidance and support for people who are vulnerable or shielding due to COVID-19. Here, you'll find information and support with regards to things like keeping safe, work, travel, mental health and wellbeing, loneliness and isolation.

Web Link: Scotland: Advice and support for people at risk (Scottish Government)

This link will take you to the Scottish Government's webpages and guidance for people shielding due to COVID-19. You'll find information and advice on things like health and wellbeing, financial support, getting prescriptions and essential supplies and accessing healthcare, amongst others.

Web Link: Wales: Shielding extremely vulnerable people (Welsh Government)

This link will take you to the Welsh Government's webpages on shielding vulnerable people due to COVID-19. Here, you'll find guidance and support on things like getting food, essential supplies and medicines, guidance for unpaid carers, and getting help from local authorities and voluntary groups.